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Cynthia and Friends Graduation Photoshoot at University of Greenwich London

A graduation to remember.

Cynthia and her friends (Ratika, Chitra, Getha and Rishab) is master graduate from University of Greenwich in 2021. But during covid situation, all the graduation event has been cancel or postpone. After long wait in agony, covid situation is over and people can get back to their normal life and their university announce their graduation ceremony date.

Their graduation ceremony will be held on July 20, 2022.

It's summer graduation yeay

Blue sky, breezy wind and the hot hot hot heatwave is coming. It’s become unbearable to be outside. Government also issued warning not to be outside or traveling during the heatwave. But this time luck is on their side, the heat wave gone on their graduation day. Just like kapoof, the heat is gone, just windy and blue sky.

So this is it, summer graduation for this awesome friends to celebrate all their hard work and to celebrate life.

Congratulation guys

Graduation photoshoot for group (3-4 person) Location : University of Greenwich

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