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Fun Photoshoot for Pet Meal Box with 2 Golden Retrievers in Jakarta

Pet Meal Box is a homemade dog food producer in Jakarta. And as the business starting soon, they want to make a marketing campaign. Using their product and 2 Golden Retriever, this fun photoshoot is begin...

Setting the Stage

For this photoshoot, we use their kitchen as our studio. To highlight their homemade product indeed cooked with love using the best ingredients.

Meet Our Models: Luca and Brighton

Two golden retrievers, Luca and Brighton, were the true stars of the day. Their wagging tails and irresistible charm added an extra layer of authenticity to our photoshoot. These lovable pups became instant friends with everyone on set, making it a truly enjoyable experience.

Brighton The Golden Retriever

Capturing the Moments

As our furry models munched on homemade dog food from our client, their expressions were priceless. The anticipation, excitement, and joy were palpable. The authentic reactions of Luca and Brighton as they savored every bite were captured by our talented photographer.

The images focused on the unspoken bond between dogs and their humans. The moments when the dogs made eye contact, showed affection, and displayed their gratitude for the homemade dog food were heartwarming. It truly depicted the idea that "homemade is love made."

brighton the golden retreiver eat pet meal box product
Dog eat Pet Meal Box product

The Homemade Dog Food Box

Our client's Pet Meal Box was the star of the show. The well balanced dog food and the freshness ingredients, showcased the company's commitment to create high quality homemade dog food for all. The vibrant label displayed the enticing food inside, making it not only delicious but also visually appealing. The homemade touch was evident in every detail. The company also explore the local ingredients as their main source of nutrients.

Pet Meal Box - Duck
Pet Meal Box - Duck

Natural Ingredients Shine

The photoshoot also featured the high-quality ingredients used in the homemade dog food. Fresh vegetables, lean meats, and carefully crafted recipes highlighted the health benefits and delicious taste of the product. Each ingredient was photographed individually, highlighting the natural and unprocessed nature of the food.

Pet meal box fresh ingredients
Fresh ingredients

Promoting Healthy Living

This photoshoot was not just about showcasing a product; it was about promoting a lifestyle. By capturing Luca and Brighton's enjoyment of homemade dog food, we were emphasizing the importance of feeding our beloved pets with nutritious, wholesome meals. It's a reminder that what we put into our pets' bowls directly affects their well-being.

A dog food from PetMeal Box using rabbit as the main protein
PetMeal Box - Rabbit

The Result: A Feast for the Eyes

The photos from this pet meal box photoshoot in Jakarta are more than just visuals; they are a celebration of love, health, and happiness for our furry friends. Luca and Brighton's enthusiasm for the homemade dog food reminded us of the joy our pets bring into our lives.

A dog food from Pet meal box using chicken as main protein
Pet Meal Box - Chicken

Our client's homemade dog food is more than just a meal; it's a promise of love and care, and this photoshoot perfectly captured that essence.

So, if you're a dog parent in Jakarta, Tangerang and `Bogor, it's time to treat your furry friend to a homemade delight that'll have their tail wagging with joy. And if you're a fan of golden retrievers, you can't miss this heartwarming photoshoot featuring Luca and Brighton. After all, who can resist the charm of a golden retriever enjoying a delicious, homemade meal?

Bark and bite, everyone; it's a dog's world, and we're just living in it.

PetMeal Box official website

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