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Another enjoyable photoshoot for PetMeal Box, featuring 5 cats in South Tangerang.

Following our last photo session with PetMeal Box in Jakarta, we continued the adventure with a photoshoot featuring 5 delightful cats in South Tangerang. Using their homemade wet cat food products and these five feline friends, this fantastic photoshoot began...

Setting the Stage

For this photoshoot, we transformed their living room into our studio to showcase their homemade cat food, lovingly prepared with the finest human-grade ingredients.

A calico cat named amoy
Amoy The Calico Cat

Meet Our Models: The Cats

Our models for this photoshoot are three calico cat sisters (Mako, Amoy, and Cibi), one white cat, and one orange cat named Bas. Their cuteness, playful antics, and hearthy appetites completely stole the spotlight yesterday. There was even a little cat fight to add some excitement to the day! LOL

A calico cat named Mako
Mako The Calico Cat

Capturing the Moments

As our cat models savored PetMeal Box's homemade cat food, their expressions were crystal clear—they absolutely loved it! Our photographer skillfully captured their joyful expressions as they savored every bite. The images focused on their feeding activity and the cats' expressions.

A calico cat named mako eat wet food. The food is cooked by petmeal box.
Mako eat wet cat food by PetMeal Box

The Homemade Wet Cat Food

Our client's Pet Meal Box took center stage. Featuring the meticulously crafted cat food. Which recipes developed by a veterinarian to cater to every life stage, from kittens to adult cats. This homemade wet cat food is not only nutritionally balanced but also 100% halal, assuring the highest standards of quality.

The colorful label not only tantalizes the taste buds but also pleases the eyes, exemplifying the company's dedication to creating visually appealing and delectable meals. The homemade essence shines through in every aspect, and the company proudly sources its main nutrients from local ingredients.

Mako enjoy her wet food
Mako eat again

Promoting Healthy Living

The images captured during this cat food photoshoot in Jakarta go beyond mere visuals; they are a tribute to love, well-being, and joy for our beloved feline companions. Luna and Shadow's delight in the homemade cat food served as a heartwarming reminder of the happiness our pets bring to our lives.

Behind the scene cats and wet cat food from PetMeal Box
The cats set up behind the scene

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