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London Food

I am aware there are so many London food recommendation on the internet. “Best restaurant you should be booking”, or “50 best restaurant in London” and so on. So I’m not gonna make you another food recommendation.

I wanna share my list. Food list that I enjoy the most while in London.

This is not an Indonesian food but i believe you still can enjoy it as mush as i am. Because like you, I’m an Indonesian too. My favourite food is Nasi Pecel. So this is it…

Here we go Recomended London Food for Indonesian

1. Japanese food in Eat tokyo.

For any London newcomer, this chain restaurant is safe choice. Eat Tokyo serve all Japanese food you already familiar with. Like sushi, bento, gyoza, ramen, udon, karaage, and many more.

All the food is amazing and the price is friendly for everyone. Their fans even have instagram account to worship this restaurant.

2. Vietnamese Pho from Sen Viet Pho.

This warm beef noodle soup is totally my favourite. And as a new londoner, who still struggling with the cold, this food is perfect.

Cold weather & warm soup.

This Sen Viet Pho restaurant is locate only 1 Km from King cross station. Their specialties is vietnamese pho, but they also made other delicious vietnamese cuisine. Like Bhan mie, Bun Cha, and many other.

This is the most authentic vietnamese pho in London.

3. Salted Beef Bagel from Beigel Bake Brick Lane Bakery.

Wanna taste really tasty bagel. This is the place. This bagel shop is the oldest bagel in London.

Their bagel is simple. Bagel, sauce, pickle (if you like) and salted beef or smoke salmon. Simple and damn delicious.

Other menu is bake cheese cake, chocolate fudge, apple strudel and almond croissant.

Against my diet plan, but I already try all their menu and no regret. All SO GOOD.

4. Indian Food in Dishoom.

This place have the best Indian food in London. Their Red Ruby Chicken is their most popular menu. Paneer tikka, spicy lamb chops, chole puri, chicken tikka, samosas, and so many other.

All Dishoom restaurant is popular for lunch and dinner. So prepare for long waiting line.

If you come here with friends, try as many dish you can order. Each of them is excellent Indian cuisine.

Chicken Ruby
Chicken Ruby

Garlic Naan
Garlic Naan

Paneer Tikka
Paneer Tikka

5. Italian Pasta from Padella.

Their pasta is amazing. The waiting line is long. Every single one of their menu is amazing. Even the simple bruschetta is wow.

Padella restaurant locate at Borough market, London.

6. Tacos Padre

Tacos tacos Thats what i remember from netflix tacos chronicle. And I can try the famous taco suadero, lamb barbacoa and al pastor.

Taco suadero, Lamb barbacoa and Al pastor.
Taco suadero, Lamb barbacoa and Al pastor.

7. Canoli and Arancini.

This italian food stall is locate in borough market. They sell italian snacks like canoli, arancini and focaccia. Canoli is fried dough with sweet ricotta cheese inside. It’s sweet, crunchy and delicious. Arancini is another fried food made from orzo pasta with beef ragu inside.

pistachio cannoli
Pistachio Cannoli

Pistachio and Vanilla Cannoli
Pistachio and Vanilla Cannoli

Vanilla Cannoli with nuts
Vanilla Cannoli with nuts

Vanilla Cannoli with cheese
Vanilla Cannoli with cheese

The menu will update regularly after I hit my target body weight LOL 😆

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