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Queen Mary's Rose Garden

From all beautiful park in London. This one is my favourite. Queen Mary”s Rose Garden is like heaven to me. I dream I have something like this in my home.

In Royal Park official website it said they have at least 12,000 roses with 85 roses variety.

Key to English Rose Varieties

Harlow Carr

A Shropshire Lad


L D Braithwaite

lames Galway

William Shakespeare 2000

St. Swithun Wild Edric Gertrude Jekyll Queen of Sweden Chianti Jubilee Celebration Graham Thomas Grace Crown Princess Margareta Shropshire Lass Teasing Georgia Golden Celebration Comtes de Champagne Corvedale Brother Cadfael Tess of the D'Urbervilles Crocus Rose Alan Titchmarsh Constance Spry Scarborough Fair Gentle Hermione Hyde Hall The Countryman The Ener Sackar The Mayflower Strawberry Hill The Generous Gardener Winchester Cathedral Pat Austin Buttercup Lady Emma Hamilton Charlotte Jude The Obscure The Pilgrim Molineux Benjamin Britten Wildeve Sweet Juliet Sceptr'd Isle

Enjoy the beauty of Queen Mary's Roses

A picture of pink roses known as You're beautiful or floribunda.
Rose You're Beautiful (floribunda)

A yellow rose called southern belle. I think it's really a belle.
Southern Belle

A white Iceberg rose in Queen Mary's rose garden
Iceberg Rose

3 Gorgeous rose bloom. With red almost orange and yellow it's really is gorgeous.

Beautiful right.

Contact me if you like to have a romantic photoshoot in this romantic garden.

Continue with more roses photos and video.

I don't know how to describe the colour. It's almost purple with a little bit white. It's bloom perfectly.
Artic Blue Rose

This is a yellow rose named Diamond Jubilee. Breed by David Austin to celebrate Queen Elizabeth diamond jubilee.
Diamond Jubilee

A beautiful roses with orange color ash the base, gradient from yellow to orange to pink on the petals. Just like a lovely eyes, hence it's name Your Lovely Eyes.
Your Lovely Eyes

A stunning pink roses with water drops in every petals. The picture is take just after the rain.
Free Spirit

Walk with me in Queen Mary's Rose Garden

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